What is Armida Touch?

Armida Touch takes shape from the “techno-chic” design by Andrea Rovatti and Massimo Farinatti: it is the innovative accessory you still miss in your wardrobe and that will surprise you. It is a piece of jewellery enshrining your favourite fragrance, making it unique, extremely personal and all the more precious. Even more so, with the charm of high technology, Armida Touch appeals to all senses: sleek, scented, pleasant to touch, wear and show. A new seduction weapon, a small magic gadget coming to life at your imperceptible touch: a sexy and delicate gesture leaving a scent in your wake.

Who is the Armida Touch woman?

It is stated in the bracelet’s look: sleek and sinuous shapes, playing with colours and transparences, elegant, essential, uncompromising design. A choice made by a very feminine and strong woman. The woman wearing Armida Touch is a sensual, modern, dynamic woman. A woman of character, who loves the techno-chic style, who confronts busy days with tenacity, without giving up her charm and sophistication. That’s why she wears Armida Touch.